Kayla and NashashukLaura with an eight dog team.Our team in '05 on Somerset  with Mt. Snow in the distance.


Our Dog Sledding Adventures


Teaching my Australian friend Cranny to drive a team of 10 dogs!


Tonka & Dakota leading a team through some fresh snow!


Fall training with our rig (the earlier years).


Laura heading to straighten the kennel X-mas tree.


An eight dog team headed to Grout Pond.


Ben with Laura following.


Cranny and I taking a break during a magazine shoot.


Polar with his dad hot on his heels!


Demonstration we did for a family at a local inn.


Sunset from the kennel after a fall training run.


A six dog team headed out on our trails.


Laura with a team leaving the kennel.


All 20 dogs during the last run in Stratton. April 22, 2007


Four of the five dogs that started it all. Group photo after one of our first runs ever.

Our first winter dog sledding. Just returning from Maine with our new (used) sled. (Whatever means necessary!)


Always an adventure during playtime in the big run.


More to come!  

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